this is more of a crossover tribe XD its aliens and dragons squished together to make a new tribe!




AlienWings are a dark blackish green, with occasional other dark colors. they have a sharp skeletal tail with a deadly bone-fan at the end as a weapon. They have crested heads, and their tribe rank determines how big it is. They also have three sets of two large spines that look lie their rib cage grew out to form the deadly spines. AlienWings are more suited to running than flying, as they have smaller wings than normal dragons. This tribe rarely has any hybrids due to the fact that they are so different from most dragons, and they also are generally disliked because their first tribe member was formed in a lab.


Xenowings have diluted molecular acid for blood, a trait they received from their xenomorph genes. They have dagger sales and large fangs, and have a large fan of bony spikes at the end of their tail. They cannot breath fire, only smoke. They can fly, but not as fast as they can run, which is about equivalent to a SkyWings top speed.


The first XenoWing was RandomWeirdoDragon's OC Shade, who was hatched and raised in a lab. As soon as she hatched, she showed an exellent ability to kill by attempting to attack one of the scientists. Later on, she escaped and lived as a fugitive, helping rescue other lab born XenoWings that the scientists created to attempt to continue their tests. They formed the first members of their tribe. Later on, the tribe grew and grew. Each generation worked to bring down the scientists until the scientists abandoned what they called Project Crossbreed.


Queen Darkdeath

King Blackmoon

Prince Turnscale

Princess Blackblood


  • Shade (randomweirdodragon)

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