Winged and Crazy is the 17th book in the Wings of Fire series.


In this part, there is one chapter for each POV character in the book (that is Moonwatcher, Sunny, Clay, Starflight, Glory, Tsunami, and Winter), and random stuff happens (such as a black SwiftWing falling in love with Glory and Clay being chased by CheeseWings). The only major event that happens in this part is that Sunny finally lands on Europa.


In this part, everyone joins together and has a party. Qibli (now sparkling pink) makes the cake, but then a bunch of WingWings come and ruin it. Tsunami chases after them, and is lead into the Wing Kingdom. Darkstalker arrives, and a WingWing kills Tsunami. Darkstalker rescurrecuts her, but accidentally rescurrects her into the body of a WingWing rather than a SeaWing, causing Tsunami to get very mad. Darkstalker rescurrects her again 2 times, but the first time she becomes a CandyWing and the second time she goes into Darkstalker's body, so they share a body. Meanwhile, in the Galaxy Kingdom (where Moonwatcher is), NightWings take over the GalaxyWings. Fatespeaker meets Moonwatcher there, and she becomes the Half-Queen.


Tsunamistalker flies to the party, which has been crashed by CheeseWings. Tsunami tries to kill the CheeseWings, but Darkstalker holds her back. Tsunami turns Darkstalker's body into hers, and now she finally has her own body back. But Darkstalker is still in a different body. Sunny makes Tsunamistalker seperate, but Darkstalker loses his wings. Riptide is stolen by WingWings out of the blue, and Tsunami's power goes up to 1,111. Tsunami brings Darkstalker's wings back, and Riptide was returned. Riptide says to never speak of it again, and the book ends.

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