CheesyDinosaurWings are a tribe that first appears in Starflight's Betrayal. Besides the FishWings, they are perhaps the smallest dragons.

Description Edit

CheesyDinosaurWings come in bright colors like yellow and magenta and bright neon green/orange. They walk on two legs, as their front legs are small and have two fingers, like a Tyrannosaurus Rex. They have cheese breath, similar to the CheeseWings, and a tail tip that will give anyone who it licks cheese poisoning. They have derpy eyes that can be any shade of yellow or orange. They have pterodactyl-like wings that are also bright colors. They may or may not have a beak, depending on their origins.

Lifestyle & History Edit

CheesyDinosaurWings live in the Cheese World along with the CheeseWings, and practically worship them. But they eat cows, and the CheeseWings hate that.

They were created by a CheeseWing falling in love with a dinosaur brought back by Robot Starflight in a risky experiment. The CheeseWing, who was an animus, enchanted the dinosaur to have wings, be able to speak, and to be very cheesy. This dinosaur had two dragonets with the CheeseWing, and those two were the first CheesyDinosaurWings. After Robot Starflight brought back more dinosaurs, the CheesyDinosaurWing population simply exploded.

Appearances Edit

In Starflight's Betrayal, a dinosaur is brought back by Robot Starflight to be a part of his army. But the dinosaur rebels, and a CheeseWing falls in love with it. The things in the above section happen, and in Part 2, most of the CheesyDinosaurWings join RS's army. By the end of the novel, all of them have been freed from his army. In all the books onward, CheesyDinosaurWings only briefly appear or are only mentioned.

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