FlameWings are one of the most hated tribes in all of Pyrrhia. No one knows why, not even the haters. They worship Flame the SkyWing, their founder. However, there's no actual queen or king.

History Edit

FlameWings were created one day when Flame, one of the fake Dragonets of Destiny, accidently managed to shoot himself with a fireball. He nearly died, but a SeaWing found him and dunked him underwater. This made him cough out most of the fireball, but a small portion of it was still inside and somehow allowed Flame to set himself on fire and also be immune to them. A few years later, he and Peril had dragonets, and started the FlameWings tribe.

Description Edit

FlameWings are dull orange red, or amber, like SkyWings, except they can light different portions of their body on fire. Each FlameWing is born with the ability to set one part of their body on fire, most likely a limb, the torso, or the tail. They usually have light colored eyes, white, lime-green, pink, or light yellow.


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