King Gouda is King of the CheeseWings, married to Queen Mozzarella. He also has a daughter, Princess Cheddar. He oversees the Cheese Factory, and he loves gouda cheese. Weirdly, he hates mozzarella cheese.

Winglets: DairyEdit

After Clay is imprisoned by him, he warns King Gouda of an incoming assassination attempt. Gouda ignores him, thinking the MudWing is just being stupid. Sure enough, Queen Fire comes, lured by a rope and holding a blood-stained dagger in her talons. Luckily, Macaroni is able to knock the knife out of her hand and send Queen Fire back to the Bomb Kingdom. Queen Mozzarella is especially grateful for her best friend.


It's weird how I hate mozzarella cheese, but I love my wife!

You do NOT eat a CheeseWing's cow!

Assasin? That's ludicris.

I owe a lot to you, Macaroni.