Malice was one of the DeathWings and was killed in the Great Invasion of the DeathWings. He was an exceptional warrior, as well as Prince Javelin's best friend, and managed to severely injure, even kill, many BombWings before dying in Javelin's arms.

Description Edit

Malice is often decorated in black and white stripes like a zebra's, as he prefers. He had unusually straight horns and big, storm-cloud colored wings. He is very bulky and tough.

Appearances Edit

Book 20 Edit

Malice shows up in the battle during the Invasion, saving Javelin's life as a BombWing tries to kill the prince with a bomb. Malice takes the bomb and it explodes, blowing both of them away. Malice looks up weakly at his friend, and whispers goodbye before closing his eyes for the last time.

Personality Edit

Malice appears to act tough, but he is really fiercely loyal to his friends. His family abandoned him at a young age, so he must be strong and tough to stay in the tribe and prevent himself from being exiled.

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