Pixiestix is a female NightWing-CandyWing hybrid dragonet who first appears in Winglets:Pixie. She has black top scales and light pink underscales & wing membranes. She used to have a crush on Starflight before he was turned into a robot by Queen Scarlet. Now,she is chasing after Disaster,the ghost brother of Peril. She hates all other male dragons, though.

Pixiestix used to live in the jungle with Queen Glory,who had been partially cheese-ified by Queen Mozzarella of the CheeseWings. In Winglets:Pixie,she moved to Jade Mountain,where she joined the Sugar Winglet with Snickers,Muenster,and some others. In Starflight's Betrayal,Pixie was heartbroken by the fact that Starflight had traded his soul for robotic eyes with Queen Scarlet,but thankfully Scarlet decided to become a hippie soon afterwards. Pixiestix then met the ghost of Disaster,and moved to the Second Moon with him,where she was not seen again until Winglets:Europa,when Sunny saw her while passing by Pyrrhia's moons. She is the POV of Winglets:Pixie and Starflight's Betrayal.

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