Queen Mozzarella is the Queen of the CheeseWings. She was murdered by Winter when she called Hailstorm a fish, but then revived by Onyx after Mozzarella gave her a cheese sculpture. She also had a cow named Dirtbag, but Clay ate him in Winglets:Dairy. Her husband is King Gouda.


Queen Mozzarella welcomes Clay to the Cheese World, and lets him eat all the cheese he wants. In secret,she didn't want him eating all the cheese,but she knew she could make more. Being a good queen,she gives him a full tour of the large Cheese World. But then, he eats her cow Dirtbag, and she goes commando. Her cheese gets 800 degrees hotter, but she still doesn't kill (or hurt) him. She imprisons him for 5 days. After Clay's sentence was done, she had a funeral service for her beloved cow.


"Welcome to Cheese World, otherwise known as Too Much Cheese"

"Well, the cheese never sits well at first."

"You backstabbing cow-eater!"

"I hope jail will help you learn your lesson!"


  • She is the only CheeseWing with blue eyes
  • Her new cow is named I Miss Dirtbag
  • She is actually a very good queen, and is well-respected
  • Her best friend is named Macaroni

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