Winglets: Dimensionals is a Wings of Fire Winglets book, and is often said by Glory fans to be the worst one because Glory dies and is rescurrected about 12 times in the story.

'!!This page contains spoilers!!

In this part, Glory is in the Rain Kingdom, minding her own queenly business like dealing with FedoraWings. But then, Moonwatcher comes and says that Darkstalker has opened a portal to another dimension, namely The Space Dimension, otherwise known as the Galaxy Kingdom. Glory is killed along the grueling path there, but is respawned by Darkstalker. Moon, Darky, and Glory go through the portal, only for Glory to pointlessly die. She is rescurrected, and Part 2 is announced by a bunch of space squirrels.


The dragons emerge on an island that is, in fact, a moon. Here, there is no air except for air, and no foliage except for foliage. Moonwatcher kills Glory about 10 times and Darkstalker rescurrects her. Glory sees that Deathbringer is on the moon, and some GalaxyWings escort him to the team. He joins it after he smooches Glory and makes her turn pink. Just then, a DeathWing comes, the GalaxyWings attack it, but it does nothing but announce Part 3 and open a portal to the Cheese World.


The DeathWing (named Ghastly), Glory, Deathbringer, Darkstalker, and Moonwatcher emerge in the Cheese World. A CheeseWing attacks Ghastly and Ghastly dies, only for Darkstalker to bring him back. Deathbringer eats cheese and turns into a CheeseWing. The rest of the Winglet is spent going around the Cheese World and talking to random dragons until Deathbringer is no longer a CheeseWing, and a portal is opened up by Ghastly back to Pyrrhia.